Introducing Broker

The IB programme is for anyone with a large network of clients looking to expand their business;strategy providers, forex educators and trainers and already IB’s from other brokers.

We offer different payment structures according to the account type.
Standard - $0.4 per lot
Pro - $2 per lot
Premium - $1 per lot
Prime - $1 per lot

IB rebates are paid the following business day after a client closes a trade. For example, if the client closes their trade on Monday, the IB rebate would be paid on Tuesday.

Initially an IB needs to have 3 active clients under him.

Yes, you can internally transfer the funds from partner’s wallet to the trading account. But inward transfers to partner's wallet is not possible

No, you cannot deposit to your IB account. Only withdrawing is possible from it.

Yes, you can.

Yes, a Master Introducing Broker (MIB) program allows you to refer other partners (IBs) and earn rewards from their clients. There are some eligible criterions to become an MIB. Mail to Partners Department to get more details


Each person who would like to cooperate with Winstone Prime can choose any of the following

• Affiliates
• Introducing Brokers
• Regional partners
• Money Managers
• White Label

Depending on your experience, resources and the expected result, you can choose any option which fits you best.

It depends on the method you'll use to refer clients. If you provide your clients with any services, then the IB program would be best for you. On the other hand, the Affiliate program is suitable for digital marketers who rely mostly on click tracking to source their referrals. Ideally, there would be no services or relationship shared with your leads.

No, our Partners Program is completely free to join.

Absolutely! From helping you set up your advertising campaigns to discussing your strategy for referring or introducing clients, one of our dedicated Account Managers will assist you every step of the way.

Once you've decided what type of program you are most suited for, simply fill out the application form. A dedicated Account Manager will contact you and help with opening of account.

When a client fills the form by following your referral link or gives your referral code in the account opening form then automatically it will come under your partners code on opening account.

Our Payment structure will be the best reward for the efforts of the Partners check how we reward our Affiliate and Introducing Broker.

The number of referrals is not limited: the more referrals you bring in, the more you will earn

Winstone Prime does not provide services to residents of the USA, Canada, Israel and FATF black listed countries.

Yes, you can find the list of your referrals in your the "Partners cabinet".

You will need to choose between one of the Partnership programs, you cannot operate both as Affiliate and IB at the same time. For detailed information on the benefits of each Partnership program, please, refer to the sections ‘Affiliates’ and ‘Introducing Brokers’ of the website.

Yes, you will be notified in Partners Cabinet about new lead conversions.


You can monitor the commission that you are generating in Partner's cabinet under wallet section.

One active client.

A client is considered active when he/she closes a trading position that has been open for more than 60seconds during the payment period (payment periods range from one week to one month) can be made from any account, on any instrument and in any lot size.

In this wallet you will receive commission from the clients you refer.

No, we do not have an upper limit on your payments, the more active your clients are, the higher your earnings.

If you believe that your commissions have not been calculated correctly, you should raise a support ticket.

You can choose any of preferable payment modes available with us. We will do it as mutual understanding.

You will not be charged any fees by Winstone Prime, however, your payment provider may charge a fee for handling your payments.

The minimum payout amount is USD$100

Fill withdrawal form in your "Partners Cabinet":

• Select ICT
• Select Platform (MT4/MT5)
• Mention the account number
• Enter registered E-mail ID of concern account.

Note : Minimum transferable amount is $100.


As a registered partner you have access to promotional materials like banners and widgets under tools section in Partners Cabinet. You are authorized to make use of any / all of those materials to promote.

Yes, we have outlined below some guidelines you will need to follow as a Winstone Prime partner. If you have any additional questions, contact our support team.

These guidelines include:

• Avoid making promises of unreasonable profits, never give any trading advice unless you are licensed.

• Don't impersonate Winstone Prime or make any changes to our branding unless they have been approved by our marketing team.

• Ensure any information about our products or services is accurate and up to date.

• As far as advertising methods are concerned the only restriction we have is bidding on our branded or trademark keywords in Search Engine Marketing.

You can get referral link under referral section in your partners cabinet

Your referral link is unique to you. You must include your referral link in any of the advertising you do or when you would like to promote Winstone Prime to new clients.

As soon as someone has clicked on the link, we will keep a record so when their account is open, we can pass the information back to our tracking system which will know to pay you the commission for that client.

Please be aware, if someone doesn’t register using your referral link, we won’t be able to associate them with your program afterwards.

No, only one unique referral link will be generated and assigned for a Partner only that link can be used for all promotions.

Yes, you will have full access to detailed reporting tools for your account. Simply log in to your Partners cabinet, and you will be able to view the relevant reports for your account under Reports Section.


1. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from qualified traders.
2. Rebates for the lifetime of your clients’ trading and Dynamic bonus additionally.
3. Rebates from non-qualified traders.

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition which in effect, means a certain predefined one-time payout for the referral you bring in provided that this client successfully completes qualification criteria for the CPA.

We have three Affiliate CPA level and you will be able to earn fixed CPA amount from your qualified traders according to the following levels:

  • Explorer – 50 USD Max CPA
  • Leader – 100 USD Max CPA
  • Master – 200 USD Max CPA

KPI denotes Key Performance Indicator and KPIs are calculated based on the minimum amount of deposit(s) and volume traded by a Qualified Trader in his/her Account(s) as determined by each level.

Within 30 days from the realization of your referral’s first deposit, they will need to meet the following terms:

  • Minimum deposit 500 USD
  • Complete certain number of lots in accordance to your Affiliate level:

Explorer – 7 Standard Lots
Leader – 18 Standard Lots
Master – 36 Standard Lots

Yes, you are always welcome to join Winstone Prime Partners. We have no restrictions as to the number of Affiliate programs you can chose to participate.

Yes, you can join the Winstone Prime Partners regardless of the number of websites you operate. With our affiliate program you can carry out your promotional activities across all the websites you own.

As soon as you reach a certain number of active traders for each level, you are automatically eligible for an upgrade:

Explorer – 0-15 Active traders in last week (payment cycle)
Leader – 16-30 Active traders in last week (payment cycle)
Master – 31+ Active traders in last week (payment cycle)

Your progress is checked hourly, thus, giving you the possibility for instant upgrade if your referred traders are actively trading with us.

When your new referral deposits for the first time, the 30-day qualification process for the client begins as soon as the deposit is realized and your CPA for this client is set depending on your Affiliate level when the qualifying period ends.

If within 30 days your client deposits 500 USD or more but does not trade the required lots for CPA Level, we will pay you the CPA based on a lower level provided that the necessary number of Lots traded for this level was completed.

Here’s an Example 1:

Your referral registers on 01.04.2020 at 15.00 GMT
Client deposits $600 on 04.04.2020 at 17.30 GMT (Qualification Period Starts for 30 Days)
The Qualification Period ends after 30 days, in this case on 04.05.2020 at 17.30 GMT
When Qualification time ends, Your current CPA Level is Leader ( you have 18 active traders) > Maximum eligibility of $100 CPA Payout
Your Referral traded 20 Standards Lots x between 04.04.2020 17.30 GMT and 04.05.2020 17.30 GMT
Your CPA payout is $100
You start earning Dynamic Rebates on this client after 04.05.2020 17.30 GMT.

Example 2:

Your referral registers on 01.04.2020 at 18.00 GMT
Client deposits $300 on 04.04.2020 at 14.00 GMT (Qualification Period Starts for 30 Days)
Next deposits $500 on 13.04.2020 at 12.00 GMT
The Qualification Period ends after 30 days, in this case on 04.05.2020 at 14.00 GMT
When Qualification time ends, Your current CPA Level is Leader ( you have 18 active traders) >Maximum eligibility of $100 CPA Payout
Your Referral traded traded only 9 Standards Lots x between 04.04.2020 14.00 GMT and 04.05.2020 14.00 GMT
Your CPA payout is $50
You start earning Dynamic Rebates on this client after 04.05.2020 at 14.00 GMT

Example 3:

Your referral registers on 01.04.2020 at 16.00 GMT
Client deposits $300 on 04.04.2020 at 15.00 GMT (Qualification Period Starts for 30 Days)
The Qualification Period ends after 30 days, in this case on 04.05.2020 at 15.00 GMT
When Qualification time ends, Your current CPA Level is Leader ( you have 18 active traders) >Maximum eligibility of $100 CPA Payout
Your Referral traded 5 Standards Lots x between 04.04.2020 15.00 GMT and 04.05.2020 15.00 GMT
Hence you will not qualify CPA and will be remunerated with non-qualified traders rebates.
You start earning Dynamic Rebates on this client after 04.05.2020 15.00 GMT.

Pay-outs are on weekly basis. It will be executed automatically every Monday for previous week (Monday – Sunday)

Your client needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Has deposited a minimum of $500 within 30 days of activation of his / her account.
  • Has traded the required number of lots for their Affiliate’s CPA level.

If the client deposits less than 500 USD or trades less than 7 Standard Lots within the qualification period, you will still be paid for his trading based on the non-qualified traders scheme.

We will pay you 3 USD Fixed per Lot on Standard account, 1 USD per lot for Pro, Premium and Prime accounts.

Please note that the amount of other rebates cannot exceed the amount of Max CPA you are eligible to from this client.

There is no time limit on your referral’s association with your account. Once the 30-day qualification period is complete, you will continue earning from your client based on the Dynamic rebate plan.

Yes, client will eligible to be a Qualified Active Trader if he deposits a minimum of $500 and meets the required Lots within 30 days of becoming active (first deposit time) irrespective of his/her account opening period.

Account Type Instruments Rebate
Standard Account FX Majors, FX Minors, Commodities, Indices $3
Pro, Premium & Prime Account FX Majors, FX Minors, Commodities, Indices $1

Along with that rebates, additional dynamic rebates will be given to Affiliate based on the rebates earned

Dynamic Bonus Payout
Level Amount MAC Bonus percentage Payment Cycle
1 USD 200 to 400 1 5% Weekly
2 USD 401 to 700 5 10% Weekly
3 USD 701 to 1500 10 15% Weekly
4 USD 1501 to 2500 10 20% Weekly
5 USD 2501 to 5000 25 25% Weekly
6 USD Above 5001 20 30% Weekly

For example

If clients under an Affiliate trade 80 lots in Standard account, 60 lots in Pro account and 150 lots in Prime account for a given week with 7 active client's

In this case , by next week Monday Affiliate will be remunerated with $495

Rebates = $240 (80x3) + $60 (60x1) + $150 (150x1) = $450
Dynamic Rebates = 10% of $450 = $45
Total = $495

If a client trade minimum of one trade (Holding for minimum 60 seconds) in a week then he will be considered as a active trader and will be included in the MAC

Once a trader completes Qualifying period, An Affiliate will be remunerated automatically according to his level and KPI of trader.

After completion of Qualifying period the trader will categorized under rebate structure and dynamic bonus , wherein Affiliate will earn fixed rebates per lot and dynamic bonus on total rebates.